Frequently Asked Questions

Does Montainer deliver to my area?

Yes. By design, Montainers are built to order ready for delivery. We install new homes anywhere within the continental USA.

Can Montainer customize my home?

Yes. Montainers are an integrated, modular home-building system using recycled shipping containers, which allows for virtually unlimited configurations, layouts and options to meet your specific needs and your budget. Once you've placed your initial reservation deposit, our design team works closely with you to complete your individual home layout.

Do I need a site?

Yes. We install your Montainer on property you own.

Does my site need access to utilities?

Our design team determines all installation requirements and costs for your unique site, including connection to utilities — whether or not you have existing access to municipal power, sewer and water, or to a private well and septic system.

Will my Montainer ever rust out?

No. Shipping containers are constructed from marine-grade steel, developed during the 1930s for its anti-corrosive properties. Corten is specifically designed for highly corrosive environments, so commonly used for bridges, ships and shipping containers.

How will my home be delivered?

We can deliver and place your home just about anywhere. Montainers are shipped to your property in modules, on flatbed trucks. On-site, we typically use a crane to place your Montainer home onto a prepared foundation.

Does a Montainer home need permit approval?

Yes. We acquire permits for your home in accordance with all state and local requirements for your site, offering one of the greatest values built into The Montainer Process.

How are Montainer homes permitted?

Each Montainer is permitted in the same way as any modular or pre-fab home in the United States. We put your home design through state level approvals for factory-built homes, along with subsequent, site-specific, local permit acquisition for each Montainer. Our approach streamlines the approval process, greatly reducing any concerns local jurisdictions have over using containers in new home construction.

How are Montainer homes constructed?

Steel shipping containers as a structural base provide an unparalleled building block for home construction. Each of our homes are designed, approved and inspected in accordance with the most stringent US building and energy codes. Once structural modifications are made to a container, we frame the interior space, plumb, add electrical, insulate and cover interiors with drywall. Next, Montainer installs substantial doors, windows, and finishings like cabinetry, trim and tile, along with the remaining plumbing and electrical fixtures — just as you would expect in a conventionally constructed home.

What's the first step to owning a Montainer home?

Getting started on your Montainer project is easy. You'll find our process together similar to designing your home with a home designer. Simply place your reservation deposit and a member of our design team will be promptly assigned to your project. They will provide you with a complete site evaluation, floor plans, and 3D models of your future home. Next, we deliver your comprehensive pricing proposal for the project, giving you all of the information that you need to move forward with owning a Montainer home.

How long does it take from placing my initial reservation deposit to final delivery of my home?

Typically, our complete process takes just six to 12 months, from reservation to on-site installation. Each project's schedule varies slightly, based on your home design, individual selections, and local permit turnaround time. Your own needs may also dictate the time line as well. For most of our customers, initial site evaluation, preliminary design, and full pricing only takes about 30 days from placing their initial reservation. Once you're ready to move forward with your project, we finalize your design and feature selections, then submit your project for permit approval. Once the required state and local permits are obtained, we begin production of your home off-site at our Montana facility. Simultaneously, our team prepares your site for the delivery and installation of your customized Montainer home.

Will my Montainer be built from recycled shipping containers?

Every Montainer home is designed and crafted from marine-grade steel shipping containers in our Missoula, Montana facility.

How do you know that the containers will be safe to build with?

We guarantee it. Each container is individually selected, based on inspection, complying with all building and life safety codes, as required for all new construction projects in every US State.

Is my reservation deposit refundable if Montainer can’t get me a permit, or if I’m unable to locate financing?

With so many barriers to assess at the outset of any ADU installation; we provide a full one-year, risk-free, money-back guarantee on all reservation deposits. It's important to Montainer that you have complete confidence in taking the first step toward your dream home. Your reservation deposit is similar to earnest money typically given in deposit toward a new home — Montainer makes it easily refundable.

Will my home get too cold in Winter or too hot in Summer?

Your Montainer home is insulated to perform in the most extreme climates, hot or cold. Highly efficient built-in electric heating is provided when you select the heating and cooling option for your Montainer.

How will my home be insulated?

Montainer homes are insulated with closed-cell spray foam which far exceeds all US energy efficiency code requirements.

Can my Montainer home be fully secured?

Montainer homes offer high security potential and are designed to be left unoccupied for long periods of time, should you choose to do so. This means that Montainers are ideal for temperate-zone environments. When not in use, your home can be closed up and locked to prevent vandalism and damage from harsh weather.

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