Your Backyard Home

Montainer is the easiest way to add a home to your backyard.
See if your property qualifies to add a Montainer.



Modern Exteriors

Your Backyard Container Home

Montainer is the easiest way to add a home to your backyard. Have a property? Check if it qualifies to add a Montainer today.



Modern Exteriors

Why add a backyard home?

Rental Income

Backyard homes provide excellent returns on investment using vacation rental platforms like Airbnb or VRBO.

More Space

Having more space allows you to comfortably host friends and family.

Appreciating Asset

Your Montainer is a real property investment which will add value to your home over time.

How does it work?

We take away the uncertainty of permitting and construction through our end-to-end process.

Get Started

Place your reservation to get started with our design team to access the design studio, check your properties requirements and evaluate your layout and feature selections.

Complete Pricing

Before you decide to purchase, our design team will work with you to finalize your design, determine your property’s permitting requirements and installation costs so that we can provide you with a complete pricing proposal for your project.

Turn-key Process

Once you’ve decided to move forward with your project, our turn-key process takes care of every step with one price including permitting, manufacturing, delivery and installation on your property ready for you to use.

Property Check

We use property data and local zoning codes to analyze viability of your backyard home.

Property Check works best in backyard home friendly areas of Seattle WA, Portland OR, Berkeley CA, Oakland CA, San Diego CA, Phoenix AZ, Denver CO, and Austin TX.